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Troubleshooting Module Command Errors

Module Command Error

Module Command Errors are errors returned from the module and not WHMCS, so for provisioning modules (cPanel, Plesk etc) they come from your server.

Therefore to discover the cause of such errors refer to your server/registrar's documentation or support team. We have collected some of the most most common errors and their causes, refer to the appropriate page in the following sections:

Once the necessary corrections have been made use the Module Command buttons under the client's Products/Services or Domains tabs to attempt the command again.

Unknown Error

Sometimes the module returns an error WHMCS does not recognise and this can result in an Unknown Error message.

Navigate to Utilities > Logs > Module Log

Click the Enable Debug Logging button:

Reproduce the Module Command Error.

Reload the Module Log page.

You will now see the communication between WHMCS and the remote system. The Response column will contain an error message that the server/registrar's documentation or support team will be able to explain.