Troubleshooting Domain Renewal Problems

You may experience problems when renewing domains. Consider the sections below to begin troubleshooting your issue.

Auto Renew on Payment

You can specify whether WHMCS automatically renews domains after the client pays the renewal invoice or wait for an admin to perform the renewal.

To do this, go to the Domains tab at Configuration > System Settings > General Settings.

If you want WHMCS to automatically renew the domain after payment, check Auto Renew on Payment.

Domain Settings - Auto Renew on Payment

Auto Renewal Product Requirement Not Met

If you check Auto Renew Requires Product in the Domains tab at Configuration > System Settings > General Settings, WHMCS will suppress automatic renewal if the domain price is 0.00 and there is not an active service that matches the domain.

Domain Settings - Auto Renew Requires Product

To confirm this:

  1. Go to Configuration > System Logs.
  2. Find the System Log entries for the time of invoice payment.
  3. Look for the following log entry:
    Suppressed Automatic Domain Renewal on Payment Due to Domain Being Free and having No Active Associated Product
  4. If you see this, go to the domain record and click Renew in the Module Command section to process the renewal.

For more information, see Domains Tab.

Other Registrar Errors

A Registrar Error when attempting to register, transfer, or renew a domain is an error from the domain registrar module and not from WHMCS.

  • For more information about the error, go to Configuration > System Logs and find the log entries for the time of the error.
  • For more information about common error messages, see Domain Registrars.

Retrying the Module Action

After you resolve the cause of the error, you can retry the register, transfer, or renew action by going to Utilities > Module Queue.

Navigate to Utilities > Module Queue

Find the domain entry in question:

WHMCS - Module Queue

Click Retry.

Click Retry

The system will attempt the action again.

  • If a success message displays, you do not need to perform any further actions.
  • If an error displays, repeat the above steps to address the problem and retry the action.