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Troubleshooting Welcome Email Sending Issues


You may experience an issue with unsent welcome emails.


This issue may occur because you have not selected a welcome email for the product.


To resolve this issue:

Go to Configuration > System Settings > Products/Services or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services.

Click the Edit icon for the affected product.

In the Details tab, check the selected email in Welcome Email.

If there is no selected email for Welcome Email, select one and save the product.

If there is a selected email already, proceed to the section below to find other causes

Other Causes

If a Welcome Email is already set, the problem is likely due to one of the following issues:

Account Creation Issue

WHMCS may be encountering an account creation issue involving the product's provisioning module. 

The welcome email sends when the module's Create command finishes successfully and automatically (the account is created on the server). If this does not succeed, the email will not send.

To fix this, see Troubleshooting Product Provisioning Problems.

Syntax Error

WHMCS cannot send an email if the email contains a syntax error. 

To fix this, see Troubleshooting Email Sending Problems.

No Module

Sending welcome emails automatically requires the use of a provisioning module.

If you aren't using a provisioning module (for example, cPanel or Plesk), you can use the Auto Release module to ensure that the welcome email sends.