Troubleshooting Status Monitoring

Server Status Monitoring may not display the uptime or CPU load statistics for a monitored server. This is generally due to one of a few common causes.

Operating System

Server Status Monitoring can only monitor Linux-based servers.

Status Directory Inaccessible

You must upload the contents of the status directory to the server being monitored, and it must be web-accessible.

To do this:

  1. Visit the directory in your browser. The uptime and CPU load will display onscreen.
  2. Enter this URL in WHMCS as the Server Status Address value for the server at Configuration > System Settings > Servers.


Output from status directory
Server Status Address setting

PHP Functions Disabled

If the CPU load and uptime do not display, the required PHP functions to obtain this data are disabled in the PHP configuration of the monitored server.

To correct this issue:

  1. Edit the php.ini configuration file on the monitored server.
  2. Find the disable_function directive.
  3. Remove the exec and shell_exec functions from the disabled functions list. This will enable both functions.

If these functions are disabled, PHP scripts are unable to check the  uptime and CPU usage information.