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Troubleshooting A Failed to remove legacy modules Error


After you update WHMCS, you may encounter the following message in an email or in the Activity Log at Configuration > System Logs (Utilities > Activity Log prior to WHMCS 8.0):

A recent WHMCS update failed to remove legacy modules. These modules may cause negative behavior if you upgrade PHP and leave them on the system.

We recommend working to remove them manually.

The update process checks for the presence of discontinued modules in your installation. If they are not in use, it removes them automatically.

These files may cause problems if they become out-of-date and the current server environment cannot execute them.


This message indicates that the Automatic Updater utility was unable to remove one or more discontinued and unused modules.

The error message will contain a list of the modules that the system could not delete.


To resolve this issue, manually delete the module files from the /modules directory within the directory for your WHMCS installation. The best method to do this depends on your specific server setup and the type of module.

For example, for a provisioning module, you would need to move any products and existing services to another provisioning module. Then, you would delete the relevant files from the /modules/servers folder.

For assistance, we recommend contacting the module's developer.