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Sending Failed. Please see documentation SendEmail API response


When attempting to send an email using the SendEmail API command, you receive the following error:

Sending Failed. Please see documentation.


The API command cannot send the specified email template type for the messagename parameter.

The SendEmail API command can send the following email template types:

  • General
  • Invoice
  • Support
  • Product
  • Domain
  • Affiliate

It cannot send any of the following  email template types:

  • User
  • Invite
  • Notification
  • Admin


If you are sending an custom email template, perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Create a new email template as one of the supported email types.
  2. Update the messagename value in the API request to the name of the new email template.

If you are attempting to send one of the stock email templates, you may wish to consider using a different method to send the message. For example, to send a Notification email message, you could use the Email Notification module instead.