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Troubleshooting Email Piping Problems - Advanced

If an email has not been piped into the ticket system and it is not listed in the Ticket Mail Import Log (refer to previous article)  then these steps can be followed to identify the cause of the problem.

Unable to communicate with the WHMCS installation

This error occurs when the pop.php or pipe.php files are unable to communicate with the WHMCS installation, its typically occurs when the location of the /crons directory has been customised. The cron.php file will look for the WHMCS directory in the location specified in the /crons/config.php file. So to To resolve this error:

Use your FTP client to locate the /crons directory on your server

Open the /crons/config.php file.

  1. Ensure the $whmcspath line is uncommented by removing the preceding // characters.
  2. Ensure the path specified on the $whmcspath is the full system path to your WHMCS directory. This is the directory which contains the init.php and clientarea.php files.

Local Delivery Failed Bounce Error Message

If you receive a bounce email containing an error that states local delivery failed like the error shown below, then read on:

pipe to |/home/username/public_html/whmcs/crons/pipe.php
generated by [email protected]
local delivery failed
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To correct this, change the permissions on the /crons/pipe.php file chmod to 755

This can be done using your FTP client: