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Inconsistent Timestamps in Support Ticket Messages


Support ticket messages that you imported using email importing or email piping have timestamps several hours ahead of or behind the actual time at which the system imported the message.

As a result, some or all of the ticket's messages display out of order.


The system is executing the PHP piping or importing script using a PHP configuration with a different date.timezone value than your WHMCS installation.

Your server is using different PHP configurations for the PHP-CLI and PHP-CGI environments.


You can view the current timezone on the command line (PHP-CLI) by running the following command:

php -ini | grep "date.timezone"

You will receive output that resembles the following example:

date.timezone => UTC => UTC
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Compare this to the PHP-CGI date.timezone value in WHMCS at Utilities > System > PHP Info:

PPH-CGI Timezone as shown on  Utilities > System > PHP Info

For more information and steps to identify the php.ini file that the system is using in both instances, see Identifying the timezone used in command line/cron engine.


Work with your system administrator or hosting provider to use the same PHP date.timezone value in both environments.

Alternatively, you can edit the cron job command for the pop.php file to specify the desired date.timezone value when the command runs. For example:

php -d "date.timezone=Europe/London " -q /path/to/whmcs/crons/pop.php