Troubleshooting An Unknown Error Occurred

Sometimes a third party system or module will provide a response that WHMCS is unable to recognise and interpret.  This can result in the  display of an "Unknown Error" message. In these cases the System Module Debug Log can be used to obtain the raw response being received which will help pinpoint the problem.

Module Command Error An unknown error occurred

1. Navigate to Configuration > System Logs > Module Log

2. Click Enable Debug Logging

Click Enable Debug Logging

3. Now reproduce the issue

4. Refresh the Module Log page


The details of the interaction between WHMCS and the module will be displayed on-screen for your own analysis. These details can then be forwarded to the provider's technical support team if necessary.

We have collected the explanation for most common module errors in the troubleshooting section of each module's documentation:

5. Click Disable Debug Logging

Click Disable Debug Logging