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Troubleshooting an Update Message Validation Issue Error

An Update Message Validation Issue notice may appear on the Update WHMCS page with the following message:

This update contains notification messages that WHMCS could not validate. Please contact support to know more.

Update Message Validation Issue


The auto update tool has the ability to display important messages before initiating the update process. These are protected by a digital cryptographic signature in order to verify their authenticity.

This message indicates the cryptographic validation is failing.

There are four potential causes of this:

  1. CA Bundles are out of date so the certificate cannot be validated.
  2. OpenSSL is out of date.
  3. A PHP configuration is causing the cryptographic validation to fail.
  4. A Man In the Middle Attack is being performed against your server.


1. Navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS and click  Check for Updates. This will cause WHMCS to re-evaluate the available updates and the cryptographic validation may be completed this time.

2. Ensure that OpenSSL is up to date on your server. Work with your server administrator or hosting provider to make this change.

3. Once updated, repeat step 1 above.

4. Ensure the Root CA bundles on your server are up-to-date.

5. Once updated, repeat step 1 above. For more information on updating Root CA Bundles on your server, refer to this article.

If the problem persists after performing these steps, WHMCS support can examine your PHP Info for known problematic PHP settings or if you are subject to a MITM Attack.