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Troubleshooting a Check for Updates Failed Error

This page explains how to resolve the following error in your Utilities > Logs > Activity Log during the daily automation tasks:

Check for Updates Failed: Unable to connect to the WHMCS Update Server. Please try again later or contact support.

Set a Temporary Update Path

Begin by navigating to Utilities > Update WHMCS

Utilities > Update WHMCS

The following warning is displayed:

Warning You do not currently have a path configured for temporary storage of files during updates. You will not be able to perform an update until one is set.

Click the Configure Uprate Settings button in the top-right corner

Configure Update Settings

In the pop-up modal which appears, use the Temporary Path field to specify a writeable directory which WHMCS can use for temporary auto-update files:

If a suitable directory does not exist already, you will need to create one.

Click Save Changes

The warning message will now disappear, indicating the problem is resolved.


More guidance on setting a temporary update path can be found at:

Check Network Connectivity

If the issue persists after setting a valid temporary update path directory, refer to this link for advanced troublehsooting: