WHMCS Pop Cron Did Not Run Email

A warning email is sent to full administrators if the POP3 Import Method feature to import emails into the WHMCS Support ticket system is partially configured. It indicates that POP3 details have been entered for a support department, but the required cron job has not been configured or completed to import the emails.

The following sections explain the three ways to resolve this situation to stop the warning email. 

POP Cron Not Configured

To complete the configuration:

  1.  Navigate to Setup > Support > Support Departments
  2.  Copy the cron job command for pop.php displayed at the top of the page
  3.  Login to your server and create a new cron job to execute pop.php every 5 minutes

Emails from your inbox will now be imported into the WHMCS support ticket system. 

POP3 Import Cron Job Command

POP Cron Could Not Complete

If a cron job for pop.php is already configured, the email indicates an error is occurring which is preventing the script from completing. This could indicate that not all the emails are being imported into the ticket system.

Refer to Troubleshooting Cron Piping Method for the next steps. 

Disable POP3 Import Feature

Alternatively if email importing is not desired, follow these steps to disable the feature:

  1.  Navigate to Setup > Support > Support Departments
  2.  Edit the first support department in the list
  3.  Clear out the POP3 Importing Configuration settings
  4.  Click Save Changes
  5.  Repeat the process for each support department.

WHMCS will no longer attempt to import emails from the inbox.

POP3 IMporting Configuration Settings Cleared

Once one of these resolutions has been applied, the warning email will no longer be sent.