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Troubleshooting a 404 Error or Unexpected Page

If products are enabled in MarketConnect, but the three landing pages (Website Builder, SSL Certificates, Email Services) are not displaying when you click the links under the Store menu, and instead you see either:

  • A 404 Page Not Found error
  • A different page, be it on your own website or the WHMCS index page.

This issue is typically caused by mod_rewrite rules or redirects configured outside of WHMCS. To resolve this:

Using your preferred FTP program or File Manager, connect to your website and visit the directory above your WHMCS installation.

Search for any files named .htaccess and take backups of them.

Remove the .htaccess file temporarily (by renaming or deleting it).

Now try visiting the Store > Website Builder, SSL Certificates or Email Services links again.

If the problem is resolved, restore the file back and analyse the contents for mod_rewrite rules or redirects. Try removing each rule one-by-one until the problem is permanently corrected.

If the problem continues , login to your WHMCS Admin area and navigate to Setup > General Settings

Scroll down to URL Management

Click Advanced Settings

Click the Rewrite File tab

  1. Ensure the "Auto-Managed Rewrite" option is set to ON
  2. If the "WHMCS Rules" option shows Out of Sync, click the Synchronise button

Once these changes  have been made successfully. Click Close.

The MarketConnect landing pages (Website Builder, SSL Certificates, Email Services) should now be accessible via the Store menu in your public and client area pages.