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Resolve cron has run within the last 24 hours message

If you receive an email that looks like the following, then read on.

The cron has run within the last 24 hours.
To force the cron to run all operations immediately, 
please invoke with the following arguments "all --force".

This message should not occur in WHMCS Version 7.1 or above.

Verifying the cron.php file is up to date

Open your FTP client and locate the cron.php file in your /crons directory.

Open the file.

The top three lines should look like this:

<?php //00ee8
// *************************************************************************
// *                                                                       *
// * WHMCS - The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support Solution    *
// * Copyright (c) WHMCS Ltd. All Rights Reserved,                         *
// * Version: 7.1.0 (7.1.0-release.1)                                      *

However if the Version value shows a lower number (eg. 7.0.2), this means your cron.php file is out of date.

Updating the cron.php file

If your cron.php file is out of date, this can corrected by uploading the latest version.

In your WHMCS admin area, navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS and take note of your current software version number:


Download the Full Release file which matches to the version number from above.

From the zip file, extract the /crons directory somewhere easy to find like your computer's Desktop.

Using your FTP program, upload the contents of the /crons directory, overwriting the existing files. This can be easy to overlook if you have customised the directory location.

Your cron.php file is now up-to-date and the message will no longer be displayed in WHMCS version 7.1 or above.