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Verify your System Cron is being invoked

Verify the System Cron is being called

The first step to ensuring your cron is operating correctly is to ensure the WHMCS System Cron is being invoked by your web server.

To do this, navigate to Setup > Automation Settings which will show one of the following 3 statuses.

Cron Status Ok

If you see a green message as follows, this indicates the System Cron has been invoked within the last 24 hours and everything is operating normally.

The last time the cron is invoked will also be displayed.

Cron Status Error

If you see a red status like the one below, this indicates the cron has run previously but that it has not run within the past 24 hours.

This indicates that the cron file is no longer being invoked by your web server and you need to check your cron task setup inside your web hosting control panel. For more information, see Resolving a Cron Invocation Frequency Warning.

No Cron Records

This indicates that the WHMCS System Cron has never run.

This is normal for new installations, but for an existing install, seeing this message indicates the cron has never run successfully yet.

You should refer to the "Configuring Cron" section for details of how to set it up.