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Troubleshooting Email Piping Problems

If an email has not been piped into the ticket system, the first reference point is Utilities > Logs > Ticket Mail Import Log.

This shows all the emails processed by the WHMCS email piping process and any errors that may have occurred, explanations of the most common errors are below:


Ticket ID Not Found

This means you are using an email address assigned to an administrator to send your email. Administrators can only reply to tickets, and not open new ones, hence the Ticket ID not found error message.

When testing email piping, you must send an email from an email address that is not assigned to an admin in your WHMCS system.

Blocked Potential Email Loop

This message indicates that WHMCS received a large number of emails from the same email address, indicating an auto-responder loop

So as to break the cycle WHMCS did not import the email. By default any new tickets from the offending address will be blocked if 10 emails are received from the same address within a 15 minute period, but this can be customised via the Setup > General Settings > Support tab > Ticket Reply EMail Limit setting.

Unregistered Email Address

Seeing this status means you have selected to only allow registered clients to open tickets in this department.

You must untick the Clients Only checkbox in Setup > Support Departments > Edit to allow the public to create tickets.

Only Replies Allowed by Email

This entry in the log means that an email was received to the department email address, but the subject did not contain a ticket ID, therefore represents a new ticket rather than a reply to an existing one.

Due to the Pipe Replies Only option being enabled in the support department configuration, the email was rejected.

This can be disabled in the support department configuration on Setup > Support > Support Departments > Edit

Ticket Reopen via Email Stopped

This email piping status indicates that the email in question was a response to an existing ticket in closed status. The message was not imported due to the presence of the Setup > General Settings > Support tab > Prevent Email Reopening option.

The client will have received the "Closed Ticket Bounce Message" email template with instructions to re-open the ticket via the client area or submit a new support ticket if a guest.

Information on this feature is detailed in the documentation.