Troubleshooting Domain Pricing Changes Not Saving


The system does not save changes that you make at Configuration > System Settings > Domain Pricing, even when clicking Save Changes displays a Changes Saved Successfully! message.

Affected actions may include, for example, adding new TLDs or changing the DNS Management, IP Protection, EPP Code, or Auto Registration settings.

Domains/TLDs Changes Saved Successfully!


The amount of data that the page is submitting exceeds the limit in the following PHP configuration variables:

  • max_input_vars
  • post_max_size


To increase the amount of data that you can submit, edit the php.ini configuration file on your server to increase the max_input_vars and post_max_size  variables.

Your server configuration may allow you to change the PHP configuration for WHMCS by creating a php.ini file within the WHMCS directory and adding the following line:

post_max_size= '10M'

The example above will allow the system to save up to 9000 pieces of data.

Contact your hosting provider or system administrator for help customizing your server's PHP configuration.