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Introduction to our Getting Started Guide


Congratulations on choosing WHMCS to automate your business!

Welcome to our getting started guide. The next few pages cover the steps required to install the WHMCS software and complete the initial configuration to enable you sell your first product automatically.

It is split into six sections:

Installation - Covers installing WHMCS on your web server and the one-time configurations you'll need to make

Connecting to a web server - If using WHMCS to sell hosting, read this section for guides on setting up WHMCS to communicate with your web server. If you're not using WHMCS to sell hosting, this section can be skipped

Creating your first product - Examines how to create different types of products for sale

Domain Configuration - If you're selling domain name registration services, this section explains how to connect to your chosen domain registrar and set retail pricing. Otherwise this section can be skipped

Payment Configuration - Covers connecting to your payment gateway, invoicing and payment reminder sections. Important for getting paid!

Support Configuration - Learn how to get started with the built-in support tools

Using This Guide

This guide can be followed step-by-step. At the bottom of each page you'll see links for the Next and Previous sections (an example is shown below). Once a step has been completed, follow the "Next" link to see the next step to complete. 

Some steps are optional depending upon how you intend to use WHMCS, so these guides can be skipped as required.

Previous and Next Article Links

Each section is listed on the left-hand side of each page. You can switch between them at any time and skip back-and-forth.

With the exception of the Download and Installation steps, the tasks can be done in practically any order.