Configuring a Lookup Provider

To allow your customers to search for and find the domains they want to buy, you must configure a lookup provider. The lookup provider searches to determine whether the domain is available for purchase.

The steps below configure the default WHOIS lookup provider. This lookup provider allows the customer to search for the domain that they want to purchase using the extension (TLD) that they enter and the  additional extensions that you select.

WHMCS supports several lookup provider options:

Configure Your Lookup Provider

To configure your lookup provider in WHMCS:

1. Go to Configuration > System Settings > Domain Pricing.

2. Under Lookup Provider, click Configure. A new window will appear.

3. Select each extension that you want the system to search for.

In the above example, the system will search for .com, .net, and .org domains in addition to the extension that the customer enters.

For example, if the customer searches for, the system will also check availability for,, and The customer will see the availability and pricing for all of these domains.

4. Click Save.