Configuring Support Departments

WHMCS includes a fully-featured support system. To use this system, you will need to create support departments. You can control which staff members can access each department, allowing the system to route requests from customers to the appropriate teams.

For more information about the support system in WHMCS, see Support Center.

Create a Support Department

To create a support department:

1. Go to Configuration > System Settings > Support Departments.

2. Click Add New Department.

3. Enter the desired Department Name and Description settings. If you have multiple support departments, your customers will see these when they submit a support ticket in the Client Area.

4. Enter an email address for the department in Email Address. The system uses this address as the sender for notifications to admins and customers about the department's tickets.

5. For Assigned Admin Users, select the admins who will have access to the department.

To allow an admin to view and respond to tickets for this support department, you must select them here.

6. Configure any of the optional settings.

For information about the optional department settings on this page, see Support Departments.

7. Click Add New Department.

Repeat this process for each department that you require.