Logging In to the Admin Area

The WHMCS Admin Area lets you configure WHMCS, manage orders, work with clients and their services, and perform many more actions while running your business.

Before logging in for the first time, you must finish the installation process and configure the WHMCS cron job. When you log in for the first time, you must complete the Setup Wizard before proceeding to the Admin Area Dashboard.

Logging In

To log in to the WHMCS Admin Area:

1. Go to example.com/whmcs/admin, replacing example.com with the path to your WHMCS installation.

2. Enter your admin username and password.

If you are logging in to WHMCS for the first time, enter the administrator details that you provided during installation.

3. Click Login.

After you log in, you will see the Admin Dashboard. It features a customizable layout with widgets for many parts of WHMCS.

For more information on the Admin Dashboard and Admin Area, see Admin Dashboard and Admin Area.