How to Set Up Your First Product

To sell something using WHMCS, you must set up and configure a product.

Create a New Product

First, go to Configuration > System Settings > Products/Services (Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services in WHMCS 7.10 and earlier).

Click Create a New Product.

On this first page, begin by selecting the appropriate Product Type and Product Group and entering the Product Name.

For the Product Type, select a type that corresponds to the kind of product you will create:

  • Choose Shared Hosting for products that will provision a shared hosting account.
  • Choose Reseller Hosting for products that will provision a reseller hosting account.
  • Choose Server/VPS for products that will provision a VPS, dedicated, or other type of server. The client will be prompted to select a hostname, root password, and nameserver prefixes when ordering.
  • Choose Other for any other type of product (for example, software licensing or design services).

The example images below show the process of creating a Shared Hosting product.

In WHMCS 8.3 and later, you can keep the generated friendly URL or customize it.

Select a Module and choose whether to hide the product from the Client Area. Then, click Continue.

The Details tab will display. This and the other available tabs allow you to configure the product further.

For a complete list of tabs and our recommendations for configuring them, see Products and Services.

A few important configurations are outlined below.

The Details Tab

In the Details tab, you could enter a Product Description and ensure that Require Domain is enabled.

You can also choose a Welcome Email to send when provisioning the product. You can customize these templates at Configuration > System Settings > Email Templates (Setup > Email Templates in WHMCS 7.10 and earlier).

The Pricing Tab

Next, click on the Pricing tab.

In this example, the product is only sold on a monthly basis and incurs a setup fee, so you would choose Recurring and specify Monthly pricing and a Setup Fee as in the image below.

The Module Settings Tab

Next, continue to the Module Settings tab.

In the Module Settings tab, choose the module and fill out any of the information for the product setup. This example uses cPanel as the module.

For Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting products, after you choose the module and server group, the WHM packages should automatically be listed. The packages listed are created in the WHM interface and then retrieved by WHMCS.

For some modules (for example, the Auto Release module for Dedicated/VPS or Other products), you will need to set the actions and other related configurations for the module. Refer to your module's documentation for specific requirements.

Finally, choose the automatic setup behavior. In this example, choose Automatically Setup the Product as Soon as the First Payment is Received.


To save all of your choices, click Save Changes.