Introduction to advanced product features

WHMCS offers many ways to customize itself to your needs. One of big ways to customize WHMCS is by utilizing some of our Advanced Product Features.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to collect additional information from your clients. WHMCS allows you to setup an unlimited number of custom fields. They can be set as either public or admin only for internal use. These custom fields are shown to the user during the Ordering Process. Certain modules require custom fields to be setup and those are explained in the documentation for the specific module.

Configuring a Custom Field

Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Custom Fields tab. From this page you can create the custom fields that you need. Fill out the boxes and tick the appropriate options. Once you are happy with the custom field, choose Save Changes.

Below is an example for a custom field we have called Custom Username:

When your new customer is going through the order process, they will be presented with this custom field you have just created:


Configurable Options

Configurable Options on products allow you to give your clients variables which alter the price of that product. Some examples include Disk Quota, Bandwidth Quota, Database Limits, etc.

Configuring a Configurable Option

In order to setup a Configurable Option, you will first need to create an Option Group. To do this, navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Configurable Options > Create a New Group

Specify a Group Name, Description, and choose the Products that the group belongs to. Then click Save Changes.

You will be brought to the screen where you can now setup the Configurable Options for this group. In this example we will create an option for the Disk Quota. (Please be sure to see the documentation for your specific server module to view the available Configurable Options).

First, choose Add New Configurable Option. A pop-up window will open.

Name this configurable Option, choose what style of Option you want and then specify the first option as shown.

Click Save Changes once you are done. The page will reload, revealing the pricing configuration options.

You are able to specify pricing for each billing option you wish to configure, this can allow you to offer some different pricing (perhaps discounts)

You are able to add as many options as you need, however they are done 1 at a time by filling out the Option, and choosing Save Changes.

Once configured, your options will be shown during the Checkout process.

Upgrades & Downgrades

WHMCS also allows you to offer upgrade and downgrade packages for your customers to purchase. This is important as it can allow your customers to grow or shrink their services without changing providers.

To configure this, ensure you have the various packages already created in which you want to be able to Upgrade/Downgrade to or from. Once all the packages are created, navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Upgrades tab.

From this page, you can choose the multiple packages you wish to allow the customer to upgrade or downgrade to.

After choosing the Packages you may also optionally allow this product to Upgrade/Downgrade configurable options.

Once satisfied with the settings, choose Save Changes

Once configured, your client has to login to the client area, navigate to the Services >> My Services section, click into view the full details for the product or service they wish to manage, and then select the options to either upgrade the Package or upgrade the Configurable Options.