Introduction to advanced product features

Several options are available to customize your product offering; allowing customers to enter values during the order process, select from pre-determined options, place their own upgrades and be billed automatically for it all - we call these our Advanced Product Features.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to collect additional information from your clients during the order process, or be a place for your staff to record information about a client. For example, ask a customer how they found you, provide their Date of Birth, website address - anything you care to ask!

WHMCS allows you to setup an unlimited number of custom fields and they can be a text area, text box, URL, password, tickbox, dropdown list or text area.

Configuring a Custom Field

Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Custom Fields tab.

From this page you can create the custom fields that you need. Fill out the boxes and tick the appropriate options.

Once you are happy with the custom field, click Save Changes.

Below is an example for a custom field we have called Custom Username:

When a new customer is placing an order, they will be presented with this newly created custom field:


Configurable Options

Configurable Options are created on products allow you to provide clients with pre-determined options to choose which alter the price of that product. They are commonly used to customize hosting package settings like Disk Quota, Bandwidth Quota, Database Limits, etc, but can be used for almost anything.

Customers can select these options during the order process and change them at a later date via the client area, all whilst being billed appropriately.

They are organized into Groups so multiple options can quickly be assigned to different products.

Configuring a Configurable Option

To setup a Configurable Option, navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Configurable Options

The first step is to create an Option Group. Click Create a New Group

Specify a Group Name, Description, and choose the Products that the group belongs to.

Then click Save Changes.

Next is the Configurable Options setup screen for this group. In this example we will create an option for the Disk Quota. (Please be sure to see the documentation for your specific server module to view the available Configurable Options).

First, choose Add New Configurable Option. A pop-up window will open.

Name this configurable Option, choose what style of Option you want and then specify the first option as shown.

Click Save Changes once you are done.

The page will reload, revealing the pricing configuration options:

Specify the pricing for each billing cycle available for the product. This can allow you to offer some different pricing (perhaps discounts for longer billing cycles)

An unlimited number of options can be created. For each new option, complete the Add Option field the Option and click Save Changes.

Once configured, your options will be shown during the checkout process:

Upgrades & Downgrades

WHMCS also provides your to customers the ability to upgrade/downgrade between products and be billed/credited appropriately. This is important as it can allow your customers to grow or shrink their services without changing providers.

Before starting you need to have created all your products, refer to our creating products guide help with that.

Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Upgrades tab.

In the Packages Upgrades fields, choose the products you wish to allow owner's of this product to upgrade or downgrade to.

Multiple products can be selected by Crtl + Clicking

After choosing the Packages you may also optionally allow this product to Upgrade/Downgrade configurable options.

Click Save Changes

Clients with active orders of this product can now upgrade/downgrade themselves via the client area:

Navigate to Services > My Services and click the service in question,

Click Upgrade/Downgrade from the Actions sidebar:

Client Area Upgrade/Downgrade Links