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Configuring Cross-selling Recommendations

Cross-selling allows you to display product recommendations to your customers while they shop. These products display in accordance with the products the customer has already added to the shopping cart or already purchased. You can determine the recommendations for each product you offer.

We added product recommendations in WHMCS 8.5. For more information about product recommendations, see Cross-selling and Product Recommendations In WHMCS.

How Do I Enable Cross-selling in WHMCS?

Before customers can view product recommendations for individual products, you must enable cross-selling for your WHMCS installation.

To do this:

  1. Go to Configuration > System Settings > General Settings and choose the Ordering tab.
  2. Check Enable Product Cross-selling to enable the product recommendation feature.
  3. Check one or more cross-selling locations. These settings determine where WHMCS displays product recommendations to your customers.
  4. Enter a maximum number of recommendations to display.
  5. Check Recommend Existing Services on Order Confirmation if you want to display recommendations for products and services that the customer has already purchased on the Order Confirmation page.
  6. Check Product Cross-sell Style to display information about why products are recommended.
  7. Click Save Changes.

For additional information about each setting, see Ordering Tab.

How Do I Configure Product Recommendations for a Product?

In order to display product recommendations in the Client Area, you must configure both the list of recommended products that display for a given product and the tagline, short description, and color for each product in that list.

To configure product recommendations for Product 2, Product 3, and Product 4 to display when a customer adds Product 1 to the shopping cart:

Go to Configuration > System Settings > Products/Services.

1. Perform the following steps for Product 2, Product 3, and Product 4:

A. Create or edit the product.

B. In the Details tab, configure the settings that determine how the product displays when it appears as a recommendation.

C. For Product Tagline, enter a tagline for the product.

D. For Product Short Description, enter an abbreviated description for the product.

E. For Product Color, choose the primary color to display with the product.

F. Click Save Changes.

2. Perform the following steps for Product 1:

A. Create or edit the product.

B. In the Cross-sells tab, use the menu to select Product 2, Product 3, and Product 4. You can rearrange these by clicking and dragging.

C. Click Save Changes.

The recommendations will display in the Client Area in the locations you selected at Configuration > System Settings > General Settings.