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Configuring Payment Collection Settings

WHMCS can automatically charge client's payment methods, so you don't have to worry about running credit cards at renewal time. In this guide we'll learn how to set this up.

Navigate to Setup > Automation Settings

Scroll down the page to the Credit Card Charging Settings section.

The default values will be sufficient for many businesses, let's examine each setting in detail:

Capture payments before invoice due date

The first option in this section - Process Days Before Due - specifies is the number of days before the due date that you wish to capture.

Eg. Setting to 1 would first attempt the card 1 day before the invoice due date.

Use a value of 0 to capture payment on the invoice due date.

Make one payment capture attempt or many

By default the - Attempt Only Once - option is unticked and unpaid invoices will have their payment capture attempted daily until successful.  By enabling this option, WHMCS will only attempt to charge the customer’s card once. If it fails, it will not try again until the client or an admin makes a manual payment attempt.

Choose to capture payment attempts daily or weekly

By default the - Retry Every Week For - setting of 0 will cause payment captures to be attempted every day for overdue invoices.

If a credit card is declined and this setting is enabled, WHMCS will attempt further capture attempts once a week for this number of weeks.


For example, a setting of 2 would attempt to charge the card on the due date,  7 days later and one final time 14 days later. No further automated attempts would be made thereafter:

Invoice Due Date: 01/01/2019

First Capture Attempt: 01/01/2019

Second Capture Attempt: 07/01/2019

Third Capture Attempt: 14/01/2019

Configure when credit card expiry notices are sent

Use the - CC Expiry Notices Date - setting to specify which day of the month to reminder clients about upcoming credit card expiration.

The default value of 25 will send a notice on the 25th to customers whose cards expire next month. The expiring credit card will also be removed when this email is sent.

Keep expired credit cards on record

Tick the - Do Not Remove CC on Expiry - option to keep client's credit card information on file after its expiration date.

The expiration reminders will still be sent as configured above.

Further Reading

There are many more settings on this page, each of which is described in our Automation Settings Documentation .

In the next guide we'll see how to configure a payment gateway to receive these payments: