Configure the eNom Registrar

Video Guide

We have produced a video guide covering configuring of the eNom registrar.

Scroll down to read the illustrated guide below.

Setting up WHMCS with domain registration is simple and another great way to increase revenue. For this example, we will be using an eNom account.

First, navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Registrars

Click the Activate button for the registrar you wish to use.

Upon clicking Activate, the page will reload and you will be able to input the data necessary to authenticate with the registrar's system.


Obtaining the API Token and Username

In order to utilize the eNom registrar, you must have a valid username and API token. If you have not already, signup for an eNom account here.

Firstly, login to the eNom website here:

Once logged in, scroll down to the Reseller Services section and choose the API Token Manager

On the next screen, enter a name for the API token and choose Generate New API Token

Highlight and copy your newly created token. We will use this in just a minute

Return to WHMCS and insert your eNom username and the newly created API Token into the corresponding fields:

After filling the appropriate boxes out, click on Save Changes.

IP Registration

In order to use the eNom API, you must next register your server IP address (the server IP address where WHMCS is installed). This is a security measure employed by eNom to prevent unauthorised users from submitting registration requests to your account.

From the eNom My Account page, scroll down to the Reseller Services section and choose the API Live Environment Interface

On the next screen, enter your server's public IP address and click add

The setup is completed and you are now ready to begin using WHMCS and eNom to sell domain registration!