Configuring Email Piping

Email Piping allows customers to send email to your support department email addresses, which the system will import into the ticket system, making it easy for customers to contact your team.

First, in WHMCS, navigate to Configuration > System Settings > Support Departments (Setup > Support > Support Departments in WHMCS 7.10 and earlier).

Email Piping via cPanel

This example demonstrates how to set up email piping with cPanel.

Note the file path that appears in the Ticket Importing using Email Forwarders section:

Next, log in to cPanel and click Forwarders.

Click Add Forwarder.

1. Specify the email address of your support department. This example uses support.

2. Click Advanced Options.

3. Select Pipe to a Program.

4. Paste in the file path from the step above.

5. Click Add Forwarder.

In cPanel, you don't need to copy the entire command. Only use the path to the pipe.php file above.

WHMCS also offers importing via a POP3 method, for non-cPanel systems. For information on this method, see our POP3 Import Documentation.