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Configuring your First Knowledgebase Article

WHMCS can offer a knowledgebase of help articles to allow your clients to find answers to common questions. By providing public-facing information, you let clients resolve issues themselves. This reduces the amount of tickets you receive and further helps automate your business.

To get started, navigate to Support > Knowledgebase in the Admin Area.

In order to add an article, you must first create a category by clicking the Add Category tab.

Enter the Category Name and Description, and then click Add Category.

The system will display your recently-created category, and now you are ready to create your first article.

To create your article, click Add Article.

Fill in the Article Name, and then click Add Article.

The visual editor will appear, displaying your newly-created article. 

Here, insert the content of the article. You can also customize various visuals for this article, including font size, color, and text formatting.

When you are done editing your article, click Save Changes.

The Knowledgebase article is now visible within the WHMCS Client Area.