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Configuring your first Support Department

WHMCS includes a fully-featured support system. In this section of the guide, we will learn how to complete the basic configuration.

First up is the support ticket system which allows you to handle all communication with your clients; featuring threaded discussions, private notes, ticket flagging, varying priority levels, auto inactive ticket closing and much more.

The ticket system operates on a series of support departments. You have control over which staff members can access each department, allowing requests from customers to be routed to the appropriate teams.

To create your first support department, navigate to Setup > Support > Support Departments

Click Add New Department

On the next screen, fill out the form with your desired information including the Department Name, Description, Email Address, and Assigned Admin Users.

The Department Name and Description are shown to clients on the Ticket Submission page when multiple departments are present. This helps client select the most appropriate department when submitting tickets.

The Email Address will be used as the email sender address for notifications to staff and clients relating to tickets in this department.

To learn more about the additional options, please review our Documentation on Support Departments

Ensure you select the desired Admin users for your department here. In order to view and respond to tickets, an Admin must be assigned to the department.

Once completed, click Add New Department.

You have successfully configured your first Support Department! The process can be repeated for each department that is required.


In the next guide we'll learn how to automatically import emails into the support ticket system: Configuring Email Piping