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Creating your first Reseller Hosting Product

In order to sell something using WHMCS, a Product must be configured. In this guide, we will walk through that process.

Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services

On this screen, choose Create a New Product from the options area.

In our example we will be creating a new Reseller Hosting account.

Choose the appropriate Product Type, Product Group, and specify the Name of the new product.

If you have already setup the Server or know the module you wish to use, you may specify this now.

After filling out the information, click on Continue.

The next page shown will allow the configuration of the product itself, including Product Description, Pricing, Module Settings, and many more.

We're going to select some of the basic options to get things going. In this case we will fill out the Product Description and ensure the Require Domain option is ticked (as it is necessary for a hosting account).

Choose your desired Welcome Email to be sent at the time of provisioning. WHMCS comes with several pre-made welcome email templates which can be customized via the Setup> Email Templates screen. For this example, we will choose the Reseller Account Welcome Email.

After filling out this first tab, click on the Pricing tab to set your pricing.

On the pricing tab, set the options desired for this hosting product. For this example we will only sell this on a monthly basis.

First choose the Recurring option and specify our Monthly pricing information as shown. We've also chosen to charge a setup fee in this case.

Note: You can setup as many pricing options as you wish during this step.

After completing this page, continue to the Module Settings tab.

Finally on the Module Settings Page, we need to choose the Module and fill out any of the information for the product setup.

In this example we are using cPanel and chose that earlier, so it's already selected here.

Upon choosing the module and Server Group, the WHM Packages will  automatically be listed. The packages listed are created from within the WHM interface on your server and read by WHMCS.

The final option we will want to set is the automatic setup behavior. In our case, we will choose to Automatically Setup the Product as Soon as the First Payment is Received.

Click on Save Changes - and you're all done!