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Configure the Extensions or TLDs You Want to Offer

Video Guide

Watch the video guide below for steps to configure domain pricing, or scroll down to read the illustrated guide below.

Configuring domain extensions and pricing allows you to sell domain names via WHMCS.

First, navigate to Configuration > System Settings > Domain Pricing (Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing in WHMCS 7.10 and earlier):

Enter the new extension you want to add in the last row in the TLD list. For this example, we will be adding the .co extension.

Choose your desired options (for example, DNS Management, Email Forwarding, or ID Protection). If you need an EPP Code to transfer this TLD, make sure to check the EPP Code box.

Click Save Changes.

Auto Registration will automatically attempt to register the domain with the chosen registrar on payment. The example above uses the Enom registrar module.

If this setting is None, you would need to perform domain registrations manually, by accepting the order and selecting the registrar at that time.


Next, configure pricing. Click Open Pricing to the right of the extension.

In the window that appears, check Enable for any pricing intervals you wish to set. In our case, we will be specifying pricing for 1, 2, and 3 year terms.

Enter your desired pricing and click Save Changes.

For more information on domain pricing, see our documentation.