CCAvenue Old Gateway Shutdown

What is Happening?

CCAvenue are closing down their legacy API with the endpoint
The more modern M.AR.S system is the sole replacement which uses the endpoint

Does WHMCS Support the New API?

WHMCS supports the new M.A.R.S system in version 7.4 and above. Once your account has been migrated to the new CCAvenue system, follow these steps within WHMCS to complete the migration:

WHMCS Migration

1. Login to your WHMCS Administration Area

2. Navigate to Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways

Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways

3. Select the All Payment Gateways tab

4. Click CCAvenue API v2

Select CCAvenue API v2

5. On the next page, enter your CCAvenue M.A.R.S access details. These can be obtained from your CCAvenue M.A.R.S Account under Settings -> API Keys:

  • Merchant Id - eg. 2193
  • Access Code - eg. F94007DF1640D69A
  • Working Key - eg. FABE114254BDBC7823534894FFFCCC1

6. Click Save Changes

7. On the same page, locate the legacy CCAvenue payment gateway

8. Click the red Deactivate Link


Click Deactivate

9. In the modal popup which appears, select the CCAvenue API v2 option

10. Click Deactivate

Select CCAvenue API v2 and click Deactivate

The migration is now complete!

All payments previously using the CCAvenue legacy system will now be routed via the M.A.R.S system with immediate effect.