Selling in Multiple Currencies

WHMCS has the ability to sell a product single in multiple currencies. The product price can be manually set differently in each currency, or automatically updated on a daily basis with exchange rate fluctuations.

Add a new currency

Navigate to Setup > Payments > Currencies

Use the form at the bottom of the page to enter the details of the new currency you wish to add:

Click Add Currency

Set product prices - Automatic Conversion

WHMCS can automatically calculate the price for products in the new currency based upon the existing price in the base currency.

Click the Update Product Prices button

In this example, a price in GBP would be calculated based upon the existing USD price.

Set product prices - Manual Entry

To specify fixed prices manually, navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services

Click the Edit icon next to your product:

Select the Pricing tab

1. Tick the Enable checkbox in the row of your newly added currency (in this example GBP)

2. Enter the price in the new currency you wish to charge for this product

Click Save Changes