Start Using PayPal Payments

Payment gateways allow you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and many other payment methods through WHMCS. If you want to accept payments from your customers, you need to activate and configure at least one payment gateway.

PayPal is one of the most common ways to accept payments. WHMCS 8.9 introduced PayPal Payments, our newest PayPal payment gateway.

Why Choose PayPal Payments?

In addition to being our newest PayPal integration, PayPal Payments uses PayPal's latest secure tokenization system. Your customers can easily store their PayPal payment details, use them for recurring payments, and select them for faster checkout on future purchases.

PayPal Payments ensures the security of your customers stored payment details with merchant-level vaulting through PayPal Vault, now available for PayPal merchant accounts in PayPal-supported countries. It also supports disputes, and you can view your current merchant account balance at Billing > Transactions List.

Activate PayPal Payments

To activate PayPal Payments in WHMCS 8.9 or later:

  1. Go to Configuration > Apps & Integrations and choose the Payments category.

2. Find PayPal Payments in the list and click on it. Information about the payment gateway module and its available features will display.

3. Click Activate.The system will redirect you to the gateway configuration page at Configuration > System Settings > Payment Gateways.

4. Enter the credentials for your PayPal merchant account. You can link your live merchant account to start accepting payments right away, link a Sandbox account for testing purposes, or configure both.

If you don't already have an account with PayPal, sign up for one.

WHMCS will prompt you for permission to access your PayPal account. This is necessary in order to process payments and handle many important actions.

5. Click Confirm. The API credentials for your account will appear, WHMCS will save them automatically, and the page will refresh.

6. If you entered the credentials for a live merchant account, uncheck Test Mode. We enable Test Mode by default for this payment gateway.

7. If you want to display this payment gateway during checkout in the Client Area, check Show on Order Form.

8. Click Save Changes.

PayPal Payments will now be available for admins when they process transactions and, if you enabled it, for clients when they complete the checkout process.

Display PayPal Card Payments

When you activate PayPal Payments, WHMCS also automatically activates PayPal Card Payments. This module augments PayPal Payments, allowing you the option to visually separate the PayPal checkout experience from credit and debit card payments while still processing and collecting funds using your PayPal merchant account.

Even though PayPal Card Payments doesn't display PayPal branding, it will still process cards securely on your website using PayPal Advanced Checkout.

PayPal Card Payments uses the account configuration that you set up for PayPal Payments.

If you want to display this option to clients, check Show on Order Form and save your changes.