Creating a Renewal Invoice Early

There may be times where a client asks for you to invoice them for the next renewal date early.

To do this in WHMCS:

Navigate to Clients > View/Search Clients and search for the client:

Click on the client's name to view their Summary tab:

Check the Products, Services, Addons, or Domains you want to generate an invoice for:

Scroll to the button of the page and click Invoice Selected Items to create the invoice(s) for the service(s):

The next invoice due for the service will now been generated immediately.

  • You won't be able to generate another invoice if an invoice has already been made for the next due date.
  • If the Separate Invoices option is enabled in the client's Profile or Client Group, when selecting multiple items here with the same Next Due Date, a single invoice will be generated.
  • The status of the service, domain or addon must be Pending, Active or Suspended to generate an invoice