Changing a Client's Currency

WHMCS's multi-currency system lets clients to choose from one or more currencies. Clients can change their currency at any time.

In the Admin Area, the best method for changing a client currency is creating a new client with identical information and transferring all of the old client's invoices, services, and transactions to the new client.

We strongly recommend using this method to change a client's currency. Do not change the currency in the Profile tab directly for a client with existing invoices or transactions.

Change a client's currency

To change a client's currency:

1. Go to Clients > View/Search Clients.

2. Locate  and click on the desired client.

3. Go to the Profile tab.

4. Change the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address to something unique. For example, append the old currency code to the existing values:  [email protected]

Change the Name and Email Address

5. Click Save Changes.

6. Go to Clients > Add New Client.

7. Create a new client using the original details from the old client's Profile tab.

8. For Currency, select the new desired currency.

9. For Owner, select Associate with an existing user.

Add New Client Account

11. In the Owner search box, find the user who owns the original client. Typically, this is a user with the same name and email address as in the original client.

12. Click Add Client.

13. For each of the original client's domains, perform the steps in Moving a Domain to another Client, set Recalculate on Save to On, and click Save Changes.

14. For each of the original client's services, perform the steps in Moving a Service to another Client, set Recalculate on Save to On, and click Save Changes.

Toggle Recalculate on Save

Make certain that you toggle Recalculate on Save and click Save Changes for every domain and service that you move.

Because they now exist under a new client, the system will generate subsequent invoices for the moved services and domains in the desired new currency. Recalculating the Recurring Amount value ensures that the system converts the price into the appropriate amount for the new currency.

Because you associated the new client with the same user, the customer can switch accounts in the Client Area to the original client if they need to view the invoice history in the old currency without needing new login details: