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Creating separate renewal invoices for a client's services

By default WHMCS groups the renewal invoices of services which are due on the same day together into a single renewal invoice. On occasion it may be desirable for each service to be invoiced on its own invoice. This guide explains how:

Separate Invoices for one client

Navigate to Clients > View/Search Clients and search for the client in question:

Click on the client's name and then select their Profile tab:

Tick the Separate Invoices checkbox

Click Save Changes

Separate Invoices for multiple clients

If you have a group of clients who should receive a separate invoices for each service, this can be arranged using Client Groups:

Navigate to Setup > Client Groups

1. Add a new client group with your desired name and colour.

2. Tick the Separate Invoices for Services checkbox

Click Save Changes

Next navigate to the client's Profile tab (as shown above)

From the Client Group dropdown, select the newly created client group

Click Save Changes

Repeat the process to assign all the clients who should receive separate invoices to the client group.