Changing the Default Currency

WHMCS has a multi-currency system allowing clients to choose from one or more currencies. On a new installation the system default currency is USD. In this guide we will see how to change this.

Only change the default currency if you don’t yet have any invoice or transaction data in WHMCS

1. Navigate to Help > Setup Wizard

2. Click the Next button to proceed to the step 1 of the wizard

3. Use the Country dropdown to select the desired country. The currency of this country will be assigned.

4. Click the Next button

  • If you haven't already, we recommend completing the Setup Wizard to quickly complete initial configuration.
  • If the wizard has already been completed, click Skip Step until the wizard is completed.

5. At the end of the wizard, click Finish

If invoice or transaction data is present, an additional currency will be created instead

Further Reading

To quickly add more currencies, check out Selling in Multiple Currencies

More information on managing currencies is available in the documentation