Migrating from Local File Storage to Amazon S3

Before you perform the steps below, complete the steps in Configuring an Amazon S3 Storage Provider in WHMCS.

Migrate to Amazon S3 Storage

To migrate from local file storage to your Amazon S3 storage:

1. Go to Configuration > System Settings > Storage Settings or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Storage Settings.

2. For each file asset type that you wish to change, select the desired S3 storage location.

3. Click an option for changing the storage location:

  • Click Migrate to automatically migrate all of the stored files in the current storage location to the newly-selected location.
  • Click Switch to change the storage location without performing any automatic migrations. Use this when you plan to migrate the existing stored files manually or have already migrated them.

Automatic Migrations

Automatic migrations run in the background. While a migration is running, you cannot change the setting for that file type.