Weebly Purchase Flow

Visitors to your website can purchase the Weebly Site Builder at any time as a standalone product via the Weebly landing page.

Your existing customers can also add it to any of their existing hosting packages, either via the landing page or from one of the numerous promotions within the client area.


An example addon promotion is pictured below:

An example product details promotion is pictured below.

Purchasing Weebly Site Builder

Existing customers can begin the signup process by clicking on any of the promotions within the client area, or by navigating to Website & Security > Website Builder.

On the provided Weebly product landing page, users can see all of the available plans, pricing and features available. Once they have chosen their desired plan, they can click Signup.

What follows is the Store configuration page where the user can choose their desired billing cycle, any of their existing hosting packages/domains they wish to add the service to or enter an alternative domain, as well as see the recommended upsell.

Upon continuing once a valid web hosting package or domain has been selected, they will be taken to the cart to complete checkout in the usual way.