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Store Purchase and Upsell Promotions

All MarketConnect services come with ready made landing pages to help you promote them.

These landing pages are designed to educate and inform customers and provide relevant information buyers need to make an informed purchasing decision.

The Store menu within the client area provides access to all your active MarketConnect services landing pages as well as your own product groups.

To access one of the MarketConnect landing pages, click Store and then choose the MarketConnect service from the list of options.

Browsing available products & services

Each landing page is different and is tailored specifically to the type of service being offered.

The example pictured below shows how the feature and pricing matrix for SSL certificates are rendered.

In this tutorial, we are going to select the RapidSSL product and click Buy Now.

Store configuration page

Upon selecting a MarketConnect product/service from one of the landing pages, customers will be taken to the following store checkout page to configure the service.

On this page users are provided with a description of the product they have selected, a choice of payment terms to choose from (1), the ability to specify the domain they wish to purchase the service for (2), and an upsell promotion tailored to the initial product they have selected (3).

If the customer already has an account with you, they can login to add the service to any of their existing domains. Alternatively, if a new customer, they can specify a domain they already own or plan to register separately.


Upon clicking the checkout button, the user will be taken to the shopping cart to complete the checkout process.