Set Up Low Balance Alerts

You can set up Low Balance Alerts to notify you when your WHMCS Marketplace balance is below a set minimum amount. Make sure to deposit more funds to your Marketplace account regularly to ensure uninterrupted MarketConnect sales.

We recommend setting up Automatic Reloading for your Marketplace account. For more information, see Set Up Automatic Balance Reloading.

Set Up Alerts in Marketplace

To set up alerts for your Marketplace account:

1. Log in to your WHMCS Marketplace account and go to My Account > Account Settings.

2. In the Balance Alerts section, select Check to enable under Low Balance Alerts.

3. For Low Balance Alert Amount, enter an amount in your default currency. Whenever your Marketplace is below this amount, the system will send the Low Balance Alert email notification.

4. For Alert Recipients, enter the email addresses to receive the notification.

  • You can enter multiple email addresses as a comma-separated list.
  • If you don't enter any email addresses, the system sends the notification to your account's primary email address.

5. Click Save Changes.