Your First MarketConnect Sale

Placing MarketConnect order uses the same method as any other order within WHMCS. After the order is placed, you can manage the order using the same methods as for other products.

For more information about orders in WHMCS, see Order Management.

Step 1: Place an Order

If you have received an order from a customer, skip to Step 2.

To place an order for a MarketConnect service, go to Orders > Add New Order.

For steps to create an order, see Placing an Order.

Step 2: Provision the Order

After payment, MarketConnect will automate provisioning of the ordered product.

If you want to activate the product before or without receiving payment:

  1. Go to Orders > List All Orders and click the desired order.
  2. Find the product in the Order Items section and check Run Module Creation. This option is checked by default for all MarketConnect products.
  3. Click Accept Order.

When provisioning finishes, you will see an Order Accepted success message.

Step 3: Manage the Order

After acceptance and provisioning, you can manage the order at Orders > List All Orders or from the client's profile.

For more information, see Managing Orders.