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Update with the Automatic Updater

The Automatic Update utility allows you to update WHMCS from directly within the Admin Area. We recommend this update method for most WHMCS installations.

Advanced users may also choose to update WHMCS manually on the command line or in their browser.

Updating with the Automatic Updater

Before any update, make sure that your system is ready to update. For steps, see Preparing to Update WHMCS.

To perform an update:

1. Go to Utilities > Update WHMCS.

2. Click Update Now under the An update is available message.

If you do not see an An update is available message but you know that an update should be available, your server may not meet the minimum requirements or your Update Channel settings may exclude the new version. For steps to correct the issue and check for updates manually, see Checking for an Update.

3. Confirm the WHMCS version that you will update to.

4. Click Download Database Backup to download a backup copy of your WHMCS installation.

5. If you have customized any core files on your WHMCS installation, a list of those files will display. Copy these files and store them for later use.

Updates will overwrite these files.

Do not make customizations to the default system theme or order form template files. Instead, make a copy to apply your customizations to. For more information, see our Developer Documentation.

6. Click Begin Update. The update process typically takes between 20 and 60 seconds.

When the update finishes, you will see a success message.

If the update process fails to complete successfully, see Automatic Update Failed: Identifying the problem.