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Configuring the Temporary Update Path

When you update WHMCS, the temporary path allows the system to stage files.

You cannot perform automatic updates unless you have specified a writeable temporary path.

Configure a Temporary Path

To configure the temporary update path:

1. Create a directory on your server using your preferred FTP client or file manager. Make sure that this directory is outside of the public document root (similar to the attachments, downloads, and templates_c directories) and is writeable for the PHP user.

We recommend using a descriptive directory name (for example, updater_tmp_dir).

2. Go to Utilities > Update WHMCS.

3. Click Configure Update Settings in the top-right corner of the page.

4. Enter the absolute path for the new directory in Temporary Path (for example, /home/example/updater_tmp_dir).

5. Click Save Changes.