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How to Upgrade PHP for WHMCS Using cPanel MultiPHP

In order to comply with each version's requirements, you must sometimes upgrade the PHP version on your WHMCS installation's server.

If you use cPanel and EasyApache 4 to host your WHMCS installation, you can use MultiPHP Manager and MultiPHP INI Editor to change your PHP version.

  • For the required pre-upgrade steps, see PHP Upgrade Guide.
  • For other control panels, consult the vendor's documentation.
  • For a full index of PHP compatibility by WHMCS version, see PHP Compatibility Guide.

Upgrade Using cPanel's MultiPHP

1. Go to MultiPHP Manager

Log in to your cPanel account and go to Software >> MultiPHP Manager.

2. Apply the New Version

Check the box for the domain for your WHMCS installation.

Then, select PHP 7.2 or 7.3 from PHP Version in the top-right corner of the page.

Finally, click Apply.

3. Update the php.ini File

Go to Software >> MultiPHP INI Editor and click Editor Mode.

Select your domain from Select a location. A php.ini file (or a blank file if you don't have a php.ini file yet) will appear.

Add these lines to the file:

php_admin_flag[allow_url_fopen] = 1

php_admin_flag[memory_limit] = 128M

Then, click Save.

4. Check Your Installation

Log in to your WHMCS installation to ensure that there aren't any errors.

You are now ready to upgrade to WHMCS 8.0.