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Checking for WHMCS System Requirements

Before you can install or update WHMCS, you must ensure that your setup meets the system requirements for your chosen version of WHMCS.

For example, before you can upgrade from WHMCS 8.6 to WHMCS 8.7, you must ensure that your system meets all of the system requirements for WHMCS 8.7.

Checking System Requirements

To check your system against your chosen version's requirements, see our System Requirements documentation.

If you want to use the Automatic Updater, you must also ensure that you meet our Automatic Updater system requirements.

Read the release notes for new versions carefully before beginning an upgrade. Upgrading PHP versions or other dependencies in the wrong order may cause serious issues.

Additional Considerations

When you check for compliance with system requirements, make sure to consider the following questions:

  • Do you have enough available disk space?
  • Does the PHP open_basedir directive contain the entire WHMCS document root?
  • Are your modules and extensions compatible according to their WHMCS Marketplace listings? You may need to contact the vendor or developer for confirmation.

Installing or Upgrading

When you have verified that you meet all of the necessary requirements for your chosen version of WHMCS, you can proceed to installing or updating WHMCS: