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Change Page URL Formatting

What are Search Engine Friendly URLs?

Note: This feature is distinct from the friendly URLs available for product groups in WHMCS 8.0 and products in WHMCS 8.3. For more information, see Products and Services.

Starting with version 7.2, WHMCS can create pretty Search Engine Friendly URLs for public-facing pages. This can be applied to the following sections:

  • MarketConnect promotional pages (Weebly, SpamExperts, Symantec, and Site Builder).
  • MarketConnect order configuration pages.
  • Knowledgebase categories and articles.
  • Announcements.

A Search Engine Friendly URL uses text to describe the contents of the page rather than an ID number. This is beneficial for improving the ranking of a page by search engines. Below are some examples of the formatting WHMCS can use:

  • Fully Friendly Rewrite:
  • Friendly index.php:
  • Basic URL:

The options available to you depend on your server environment.

Which pages use Search Engine Friendly URLs?

Many pages support this feature within WHMCS. For example, all of these pages use them:

  • /store/website-builder
  • /store/site-builder
  • /store/email-services
  • /store/ssl-certificates
  • /store/order
  • /announcements
  • /knowledgebase

Changing the Search Engine Friendly URL Format

We recommend using the automatically-detected Search Engine Friendly URLs setting, but you can change it at any time.

Note: Selecting an option here that is not supported by your server environment may result in parts of your website being inaccessible.

Navigate to Configuration > System Settings > General Settings and choose the General tab.

Find the Friendly URLs setting.

Your current mode setting will appear with a white background at the top of dynamic dropdown selection, as well as in the options list within a right-angle bracket denoting the selection. WHMCS will automatically detect the best option for your server environment and highlight it in green.

Select your preferred option from the menu.

The setting will be changed automatically and a green confirmation message will appear in the top-right corner.