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Using Two Factor Authentication for Staff

Once a two factor authentication service has been activated for staff, the following steps demonstrate how Admin Users can setup Two-Factor Authentication on their account using the Time Based Tokens service:


1. From the Admin Area, navigate to the My Account page

Click My Account

2. Toggle the Two-Factor Authentication setting to On

Toggle Two-Factor Authentication On

3. Select the Time Based Tokens service

4. Click the Get Started button

Select the Two Factor Auth Service

5. Scan the QR code with an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile

6. Enter in the 6-digit code that the authenticator app generates

Scan the QR Code with your app and enter the authentication code

7. Click on the Submit button

8.  Record the Backup Code in a safe place

9. Click the Close button

Take a note of the Backup Code

Two Factor Authentication is now set up for this administrator, and will be required when they login in future.