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Disabling System Notification Emails for Admins

WHMCS sends notification emails to admins for relevant system events, self-diagnosis of errors or misconfigurations, and other important items. 

For example, this includes:

  • Daily Cron Job Activity Report.
  • Domain Synchronisation Cron Report.
  • Daily System Cron Attention Needed.
  • Pop Cron Did Not Run.
  • License Limit Near, Reached or Exceeded.

The frequency of these emails varies depending on the context and perceived impact of the problem.

For more information, see Administrators and Permissions.

Stop Receiving System Emails

If a group of admins does not need or want to receive these emails, you can stop them by reconfiguring their administrator role.

To stop the system from sending system notifications to an administrator role:

1. Go to Configuration > System Settings > Administrator Roles.

2. Click Edit for the desired role.

3. Uncheck System Emails in the Email Messages section.

WHMCS - Administrator Roles

4. Click Save Changes.

This will only stop system notification emails for admins who use this administrator role.